Travel Insurance

We are pleased to offer the following Travel Insurance.

Travel Insured
Group Insurance

Travel Insured premiums are based on the cost of the tour, not age. Lite covers tours up to $5,000, while Deluxe covers up to $10,000. Contact us to find out what coverage we have for the tour and what the price will be. We will also send you a flyer with more information about what they cover, their Limitations and Exclusions.

Global Assistance

For our more exotic tours such as Tanzania or Australia & New Zealand, we use Allianz. They offer over $100,000 coverage, and is great if you are traveling alone. You can also apply for Allianz coverage on any trip you are taking simply by clicking below!

Berkshire Hathaway
Travel Protection

Starting at $34 for Domestic flights, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection's Air Care policy tracks your flight in real time and credits your account automatically in case of delays or flight cancellation. In addition, it also provides rebooking assistance, concierge services, loss or delay of luggage, and more. Great for flying on busy days! Click below to purchase.